Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no cooking!

i'm too tired to cook, and i need a break from my bengali stew. i was going to go to the knitting meetup group tonight, but it was planned at a panera a good 20 min away from my apt., and i'm just too tired.

i stopped off at whole foods for some inspiration for dinner, and spent $1.68 for a portion of their awesome spinach walnut gorgonzola salad. i sauteed up a plantain that has been sitting/ripening in my fruit bowl, along with a chicken sausage that was in my freezer. perfecto!

plantains cooked in about a T olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt

after i had sat down to eat, i decided a dipping bowl was in order...

... bone suckin' sauce! i thought of it for the chicken sausage, but then tried it on the salty plantains, and that was quite yummy as well.

i so need to go to bed early tonight.

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