Thursday, March 12, 2009

sweet tooth

i like ending the day with something sweet. i remember in treatment, we would always have a night snack, and some people would pick things like melted cheese on crackers... but that just wouldn't be comforting to me (or at least, not on a regular basis).

i was just going to have some mango, but i wanted something... more. again, i don't know if this was being intuitive or not. it scares me sometimes. but realistically, this was a very normal snack.

champagne mango (my favorite!), clif honey graham zBaR


  1. Hey Rebecca,

    I saw your comment on my blog that you're from PA - I grew up in Newtown Square (near West Chester)! Although I'm in love with Boston - I do miss Rita's Water Ice.

    Oh, and I almost always end the day with something sweet :)

  2. I had mango last night too! yum