Friday, March 13, 2009


Stonyfield Farm awesomely found my blog and sent me these coupons for FREE yogurts (plus some other coupons) and a HAT! i have a bunch of yogurts in my fridge now i that will need to go through first before using these, but i can't wait. i <3 greek yogurt.

i had CHOCOLATE CAKE mid-afternoon today. a friend/awesome baker at work made a double chocolate oreo cake and cut me a slice... and i didn't feel guilty at all while eating it. it was rich but not all that huge, so i savored each bite.

instead of the usual friday afternoon latte day at work, i met up with fellow food blogger Marilyn of hopeagain for a latte at whole foods! she was passing through my town and i was at my local yarn store, next door to whole foods... so she came and met me! it was a lot of fun. she has a picture on her camera, and i will post that as soon as she sends it to me . i had a lot of fun with her.

since i had 2 afternoon snacks, i didn't really get hungry for dinner. it's after 9 now, and i'm finally finishing up. still not all that hungry, but obviously i need dinner! thank goodness for leftovers, because i realllllly would not have wanted to cook.

roasted orange and red pepper pasta with italian chicken sausage, tamari-ginger kale with shallots and garlic

time to sack out on the couch.


  1. actually, the blog title is "now you get to live," not "hopeagain." "hopeagain" is the username." but, y'know, whatevs...

  2. oh man, i wanted a cake pic. sounds delicious.

  3. yes, the cake was beautiful, as are all the goodies made by this particular baker @ work... but sadly, no pics while at work!