Wednesday, March 25, 2009

schedule mix-up

oops. i thought i was teaching class tonight... i headed over to the store after work, picked up a 12 oz. vanilla latte (both for the caffeine to get me through the class and as a small snack since i thought i wouldn't be having dinner until late), only to find out that my class is TOMORROW. oops! i didn't mind all thaaat much, except that i probably would have rather come home to dinner rather than a latte. but i wasn't about to waste the $2.65 i paid! i chatted with the store employees for a bit while they closed up, and then headed home.

i decided last night's dinner needed some bulking up. i think my unwelcomed 1:30 a.m. hunger wake-up call may have been partly due to a smaller dinner, though it was certainly unintentional. my sister gave me the idea of turning my tofu into a composed salad. i tossed some greens with a bit of walnut oil, white wine vinegar, honey, mustard, lemon, and s&p, sprinkled on some pumpkin seeds and a cranberry/dried apple mix, and warmed up the leftover tofu to place on top. i was craving a vegetable soup, so i opened a box of creamy broccoli.

i leftovers (basically... i'm lazy but still want interesting food)

i don't think i'd buy the broccoli soup again... it was OK but nothing great. wow how did it get to be 9? work has been stressful this week... but i made some good progress today on an ongoing project i've been working on.

i'm ending my day with a sweet orange. i almost never had oranges growing up (my family doesn't like them!) but now i crave them! there is something really refreshing about an orange, versus most other fruit. i think oranges sometimes get a bad wrap because they vary in quality-- they often aren't so fresh by the time they reach the store or your refrigerator. and my (perhaps uneducated) guess to explain this is, because they seem to have a longer storage life (read: they don't really LOOK all that different even if they are getting a bit old), stores/produce distributors get away with selling oranges way past their prime, and they lose their beautiful sweet/tart/freshness.

but luckily, this orange was sweet, juicy, and refreshing :

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  1. Sounds like you made the best of the mix-up. That orange looks tasty!