Thursday, March 26, 2009

over the humpday

i've heard 3 different people use the term "humpday" this week, so i will be the 4th. now that it's thursday, i'm feeling OK about the week. i started working on breakfast as soon as i got up, but then i realized i hadn't made lunch. guess i was hungry! as i've said before, i really like to have everything ready by the time i'm sitting down at breakfast (well besides my hair, usually).

yesterday was "waffle day" in the office. i didn't participate because a) i really wanted my breakfast earlier and b) it didn't look all that appetizing, especially with the mess that was created by all the spilled batter in the breakroom. and i would have missed my almond butter! apparently it really was international waffle day (there are random holidays for everrrrrrything).

so today i made my version:

2 flax waffles, one with maple-almond butter and banana, the other with crunchy almond butter, apple butter, and 2 crumbled candied walnuts, strawberries, and a maple syrup drizzle

i'm almost out of fruit again. i'm left with 1/2 a banana, a mango, and an apple. that's like, danger zone.

the lunch that i almost forgot to pack:

carrots and homemade cannellini bean dip on 12-grain harvest grain bread, cucumber and bell pepper crudite (and now i'm almost out of veggies!)

i love the seeds on this bread

... and because this seemed a bit small for lunch:

a cut up dried pineapple ring and a square of lindt 70%

i'm excited to try the PLAIN stonyfield oikos for a snack. i like plain yogurt with mix-ins and au naturel. i lke how the french call plain yogurt "yaourt nature," implying that it is its own flavor and so doesn't NEED anything added to it; the word plain to me suggests that it is UNflavored and so we assume it must be adulterated.

packed along with a serving of chocolate bunnies (but no, the bunnies will NOT be mixed in-- i just thought they would be a nice contrast to the tangy yogurt)

happy thursday everyone!


  1. what kind of waffles do you get? They always look so good!
    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate them always. :)

  2. lol @ "danger zone." but i understand the feeling! i panic when i get low on fruit.

  3. susie--

    i usually get whole foods flax waffles - cheapest and really good. occasionally i buy nature's path "maple-cinn" if i want something sweet, plus i love the texture.

  4. I hate that we have no Whole Foods in my city!