Thursday, March 19, 2009

the loot!

back from target. i couldn't deal with uploading my dinner photos before i left... i really just needed to get out.

the dinner:

check out the bites taken into the naan. i knew dinner was going to be rough from the get-go... i munched as the soup was in the microwave, as if to say i don't want a real, formal dinner. but then i realized that i'd better be as rigid as possible, or else the disorder would win out.

i ate quickly, and it was not very enjoyable. i usually eat fairly slowly (i think), and so this felt impulsive, out of control. i had to fight the ed voice throughout the meal. i think had i not left shortly after finishing, the night would have ended very differently. i have mixed feelings about this... i am happy that i didn't succumb to the ed, but on the other hand, i feel weak for the power that the ed still has over me-- the only thing i could think of was to leave?! <-- geez i am seriously too critical of myself!

so... i went to target looking for cheap, wide plastic bangles that i could crochet over (!)... and they DIDN'T HAVE ANY! you all know the kind... plastic, bright colors, rounded on the sides... i was sure they would have them. so instead, i walked around the store and ended up spending $30... here's what i got:

a cute, green belt (s. - i highly encourage belts over shirts!):

an orla kiely plate to match the mug i bought last time:

a plastic monkey cup because i am still 6, apparently:

a pleather purse... still cute, though!:

and just as i was about to leave, i saw this on the clearance rack for $4:

(not actually my picture)

what is it, you ask? magnets:

except the big ring in mine was black, not yellow. i ripped the package open as soon as i got home, so i forgot to take a picture.

but where's the big circle?

SERIOUS COOLNESS. so target, you disappoint me with your lack of bangles. but with a little creativity........ anyway, turns out the magnets aren't very strong to begin with, so i won't be slamming into anything. i can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

i didn't want a big snack, so i just had a crisp, fuji apple.

it's past my bedtime, but at least tomorrow is LATTE day .



    You are NOT weak for walking out. That is the STRONGEST thing you could do - to refuse to even be around temptation and just get the hell out of there! You are so fucking awesome.

    Forever 21 has bangles. ;) So I might have a present for you next time we meet up...

  2. luuuv the target loot and the reassurance about belts :)

    and i agree with hope -- STRONG for walking out! awesome.