Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm currently "fulling" my baby toy:

Knitted/crocheted woolen garments which shrink in a hot machine wash can be said to have felted, but have actually been "fulled". Felting differs from fulling in the sense that fulling is done to fabric whereas felting is done to fibers that are not in fabric form.

i know, thrilling, right? and all this time i always thought it was called felting! anyway, here is the before. this should shrink about 1/3. i worry that it will still be a bit big for a baby toy, but i followed the instructions!

i had a beautiful and tasty snack after finishing my project:

a blood orange, and a square of lindt 70%

i don't buy oranges often, and i kind of have to be in the mood. but this one was great, and i will be buying more of them soon!


  1. I wish I knew how to do all those fun projects you are always doing! I taught myself how to knit and purl recently.. that's as far as I go. Thanks for the comment, I am trying to think through this all. I'm so frustrated.

  2. you can learn to do more... take a class if you think you would enjoy it!