Sunday, March 1, 2009

finally FULL.

i had written that i wasn't sure i was totally full after dinner... well that became more clear after waiting a while, so i had this:

fuyu persimmon
** 1 fruit **

persimmons are one of my favorite fruits. i first learned about them while living in france, where i would buy "kakis" (a cultivar of persimmons, also called hachiya) at the wonderful outdoor markets. most persimmons you find in the US are of the fuyu (short for fuyugaki) cultivar. i prefer hachiya persimmons, but they are both delicious. one key difference between these cultivars is that while fuyu persimmons ripen from mildly sweet to super sugary sweet, hachiya persimmons are terribly astringent (and dry out the mouth) when unripe. but when ripened, they are delightful . i keep meaning to bake with these things, as i'm sure they would be amazing in muffins or breakfast breads.

wow, that was probably more information about persimmons than anyone reading this blog wants to know... so i'll end with pictures. there are more varieties than these 2, but these are the most common:

Fuyu persimmon by In Praise of Sardines.
a fuyu persimmon - squat, a bit "flower like" in shape, as you can better see in the next picture:

pretty fuyu persimmons

a hachiya persimmon

and finally, a side by side comparison:

hachiya on left, fuyu on right

so... moving on (because i am about ready for bed), by 8 i was ready for a snack again. i was feeling nervous, as if i needed to be FULL, and so i decided on a bag of smartpop. unpictured as this felt slightly disordered... and i felt ashamed to have eaten the entire bag, but really it can count as ** 2 starch, 1 other **. not a big deal.

and finally, now i'm munching on grapes, because i wanted to end with something fresh tasting.

** 1 fruit **

and now i'm most definitely full. today's totals:

10 starch
1 dairy
5 fruit
3 veg
5 protein
5 other

wow. either my period is on its way or i really am the very hungry caterpillar...

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