Thursday, March 12, 2009

first bite/sip?

what is the first thing you sip/bite into at breakfast? for me it's always the coffee. one nice, warm swig, and then i'm ready to enjoy my breakfast. i couldn't do it any other way.

i've started really enjoying milk in my coffee. well, vanilla soymilk. i used to only drink it black, but i like the milky sweetness that soymilk adds.

i was starving by the time i had showered and started packing lunch, but not all that hungry once i had finished that and had moved on to actually preparing breakfast. i don't know why my hunger is so fickle at times. i went back to one of my favorite breakfasts:

ezekiel 4:9 english muffin with almond butter and 1/2 a banana, grapes, milky coffee

i've been trying different types of pb/nut butters lately, but i still <3 my almond butter the best. the pecan butter was pretty good though...

once again, almost the same lunch, day 3. i really have trouble using up deli meat, so once i open a pack (7 slices) i feel obligated to eat it! i've now used up 5.5/7, and i've stuck the rest in the freezer. no more tomorrow! i could buy even less from the deli counter... but i buy the applegate packs because they are usually dated at least a couple weeks out so i don't have to open them right away.

12-grain seed bread, small amt. light mayo, 3-yr. aged gouda (awesome), ham, herbed greens, plus bell pepper and cherry tomatoes

i have this leftover snack from yesterday (cottage cheese, salted peanuts, a diced fig if you don't feel like clicking) but i was feeling so hungry while packing lunch that i packed this too:

5 pb pretzels, raisins

not sure that i'll need both (now that i'm full from breakfast), but i'm prepared!


  1. I used to ALWAYS have coffee then breakfast. But now I drink my coffee at work and eat breakfast at home. Water would be my first sip in the morning though, technically!

    I have the same deli meat issue. ahah. I was just thinking yesterday, I wonder if I could just throw this in the freezer. Ugh. I should have done that instead of what I`m going to do.. eat the rest of the meat a day after the due date. This is probably not safe.

  2. I almost always have a sip of coffee first, because my coffee is usually done while the oatmeal is still cooking.

  3. p.s. SusieQ - one day after the exp date is fine, as long as it looks/smells/tastes fine. ;-)

  4. thanks! that`s what my dad always said. I smelled it this morning to check ;)