Tuesday, March 24, 2009


inspiration for tonight's dinner came from the 1 purple sweet potato i knew i had at home. i didn't leave work until close to 6, so i wanted something QUICK... some frozen broccoli would work for a veggie... and i picked up a container of tofu on my way home. i vaguely followed a recipe for the tofu, in that i cut it up into slices, pressed out some water, coated it in cornstarch, and seared it in some olive oil. i then added in some bone suckin' sauce at the end. i definitely need to learn more about tofu, because i didn't really know what i was doing... but it turned out pretty good! i nuked the sweet potato and mashed it with some butter, milk, s & p, and a small amount of greek yogurt. the tater was definitey the highlight!

all cut up and purple

strangely, i'm still feeling a bit hungry. into the fridge i go for a leftover 1/2 of a pear. not all that pretty (despite squeezing it with some lemon juice yesterday to prevent some discoloration) so no picture!

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  1. such a pretty and colorful dinner! love it. :)