Saturday, March 21, 2009

broke the budget.

i didn't feel like hanging out by myself last night, so i called my friend F on my way home to see if she'd be up for some company. she had been writing me an email the very minute i called her, and sure enough, she was ready for a chill friday night! so i picked up 1/2 a pizza from whole foods and headed over to her place. she made us a yummy tzatziki, which we ate with sesame pita, and then we polished off the pizza-- a greek veggie pizza with spinach, tomatoes, feta, olives, garlic, zucchini (i think?) and herbs. it was very yummy. afterwards, we watched "p.s. i love you" with hilary swank and gerard butler. it was pretty good... i think it was one of those movies that is better when you watch it with someone.

the line "i've been a bad, bad girl" (fiona apple) came to mind this morning as i headed out for a run, because by doing so, i broke my running budget. well technically, i haven't broken it yet... but i've now depleted my 10-mi weekly allowance, and the new week doesn't begin again until wednesday... and it's very unlikely that i can wait until then. since i ran yesterday, i had figured that i'd skip today and maybe tomorrow, and space out my last run... but poor body image changed that, and so i headed out this morning .

i ate this pre-run:

despite a love for apples, i usually do not like apple-flavored things, as they taste somewhat artificial to me (maybe the sulfur put into dried apples?). but this bar was really good, and i'll buy it again

i'm just finishing up breakfast now:

mix of puffins & heritage flakes, frozen cherries, vanilla soymilk, and a mini banana-white-chocolate wonderful "sandwich" made with 1/2 a banana... and a cafe au lait

somehow breakfast just wasn't right without banana/nut butter...

my cat went crazy playing with her catnip... a "pollock" fish (get it?)

wouldn't it be fun to be a cat, for a day?

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