Monday, March 9, 2009

ready to work (from home)

i am taking my boss up on her offer to work from home "whenever i feel that it would be helpful." and it would be helpful today because:

  • i have a ridiculous amount of reporting to work on
  • it is going up to 79 so i can work outside on my balcony... yay for wireless
  • i can ignore any email that comes in that isn't from my boss, or her boss
  • my friend at work is away until wednesday, so i wouldn't have anyone to talk to anyway
  • did i mention that it is going up to 79?!
  • i don't have to pack lunch so i can get started right after i finish this blog entry =)

i'm quite full from breakfast.

2 maple-cinn waffles w/ oatbran, 1 with (the homemade) pecan butter, 1 with white chocolate wonderful, a banana

... and the plate... purchased at target yesterday, because i couldn't resist:

i'm getting quite scared about my body. i can tellllllllll that i've gained weight. i'm also waiting for my period to rear its ugly head, because it has been over 6 weeks since the last one. not sure what's up with that.

ok, now to move my ipod stereo outside so that i can rock out with my reports .

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