Sunday, March 15, 2009


my friend had mentioned meeting up at around 10 for breakfast/brunch... my first thought when i woke up this morning was, NO EATING UNTIL I MEET F. it is amazing how my old thoughts & habits still sometimes seem so automatic. i was hungry, and while i didn't want to spoil my appetite, i wanted a snack. so i made this cute sandwich.

prob only about a 1/3 banana (it was already cut/leftover from yesterday... otherwise i would have cut at least 1/2!) with a thick smear of chunky pb.

the coffeeshop we're going to has awesome breakfast sandwiches (especially a baked egg, spinach, cheese, & pico de gallo wrap) but... i think i want a big ol' homemade bakery muffin with fruit and a latte. they bake all their own stuff, and i've really only had their baked goods a handful of times because either i've been afraid of them and/or i think it would be more "balanced" to go with a salad or a sandwich or a cup of soup... so today i shall have whatever i crave when i get there Happy Smilies.

i may go for a run today, or i may wait until tomorrow. with my 10mi/week running budget, this means if i run my usual 3 to 3.5 miles each time, i can run 3x... and so that means there will be at least 2 days in between 2 of the runs. i was doing the 'every other day' thing before (and running on back to back days at times as well) so this is a bit of an adjustment.


  1. wait -- no, if you run monday, wednesday, saturday there are only two days between ONE of the runs (the rest is every other!). right?

  2. well between the two runs. so yes, like mon, wed, sat.