Friday, March 6, 2009

lame friday night

i called a friend after work to see if she wanted to get together for dinner/a glass of wine... it was a stressful day and i needed to unwind. but she wasn't around, and i didn't feel like calling a bunch of people, so i prepared myself for a night in...

... and had a glass of wine by myself. i so rarely drink, let alone by myself, but i just really wanted a glass. i bought a $10 bottle of "tattoo red" at whole foods. it is OK, but nothing special. i'm still enjoying it, though!

4 oz pre-dinner

i tried a really cool technique for a salad, made with kale. normally kale would be too tough to eat raw, but in this technique you massage a bit of olive oil and sea salt into the kale (stem parts removed) so that it becomes much more supple, and then you massage in avocado. yum! i also squirted on some lemon juice, and added cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives. i will totally repeat this salad in the future. i think the olive/tomato/avocado combo works really well.

served along with sauteed plantain and an italian chicken sausage, plus just 2 more oz of wine...

simple, yet satisfying:

off to watch some what not to wear....

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