Friday, March 6, 2009


it's been a LONG week. unfortunately i'm going to have to work a bit this weekend because the c.o.o. is coming into town next week and i have to give him an update on a project i'm working on for him, and i have no update! so yeah... i'll spend a few hours getting some work done. maybe i can sit by the pool though .

i had a larabar last night before bed. i guess the deficit i created on wednesday night backfired, because i ate that much extra yesterday. live and learn?

having a running "budget" was almost a relief to me this morning. i have 10 mi/week of running, and i ran 3 mi. on wed (my week will go wed-tues because that's when i started). and if not for this budget i would have certainly pushed myself to go for a run this morning. but really, i wanted to stay in bed, and i'd much rather go running in 65° weather tomorrow than in 45° this morning. and i know tomorrow i will enjoy the run.

the only issue is that i'm feeling quite guilty for eating the massive bowl of oatbran i just prepared, because i feel like i didn't "earn" it. hmmm didn't know people had to "earn" their food. i'm having a hard time believing i can eat this for breakfast and maintain a healthy weight. but i guess until c. tells me otherwise...

today's mix:

  • 1/2 c water, 1/2 c vanilla soymilk, 1/2 large banana
  • added some dried cherries while cooking
  • topped with a T carob chips and 1 T "white chocolate wonderful" pb

after swirling:

i feel incredibly guilty now. i'm going out to lunch today with my team. i'll be OK but it's a stress i would have preferred not to have. plus the boss is making her famous "chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes"!?! to celebrate a coworker's bday. sounds quite disgusting actually. i'll decide later if i want one... i'm not going to make any decisions based on others.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I think getting sick has forced me to really think about some things. Plus I saw my counsellor tuesday and that always helps me to clear things up!

    I hope reading my blog is not making it harder for you. I worry about that sometimes. I know I don`t `know` you, but I feel like I relate to everything you write. It`s a tough journey. You are not alone though.

    I can see your strength in all your posts. You are a strong and determined woman. I think you are doing amazingly well, and I hope you are really proud of yourself.

    Take care of yourself.