Monday, March 2, 2009

step into my kitchen, baby

it wasn't too long ago that my kitchen was practically bare. i would only keep what i (thought i) could keep safely, which honestly wasn't much. my body was basically starving all the time, so even a can of chicken noodle soup was drool-worthy. i had lots of diet products and odd combinations. the goal was more volume, fewer calories.

sometimes i look around my kitchen now in amazement. since i've been cooking fairly often (and have a penchant for somewhat gourmet cooking & baking), i have collected quite a few ingredients. a couple months ago i would have been scared and embarrassed to have shown off my kitchen, but now i'm almost proud! so here we go .

come on in!

the fridge. leftovers, yogurts, hummus, cheese, polenta, cottage cheese, jam, herbs, tortillas, almond butter, gatorade (bought while sick - probably won't drink that), eggs, catfood, etc.

+ fruits, veggies, cheeses, deli meat

+ dressings, condiments, milk, soymilk, maple syrup, wheat germ, butter, cat treats, etc.

the freezer. packed with english muffins, waffles, bread, pita, frozen berries/veggies, chicken sausages, veggie burgers, leftovers (tofu, shrimp stirfry, black bean soup, roasted pepper & ssg sauce, etc.), raw shrimp, roast beef, lamb, tomato sauce, cooked rice, whole wheat flour, a couple frozen dinners, and on and on!

the freezer door. more veggies, butter, an amy's wrap, nuts, tomato puree i think?!

moving on to the pantry:

many cereals, muesli, soymilk, lots of dried fruits & nuts, pb pretzels, pita chips, graham crackers, oats/oatmeal, a boxed soup, honey, etc.

healthy choice soups that i bought while sick and didn't like very much, kashi crackers, tea, coconut, beans, granola bars, rice, pasta, oat bran, diced tomatoes, tuna, an indian tastybite, hot chocolate, flour, sugar, etc.

red lentils, more rice, bulgher wheat, etc., annie's mac & cheese, saltines (ate 1/2 box while sick), almond butter, sherry and amaretto i think (for baking!) and some other bottle i have no idea without checking, popcorn, brown sugar, tomato puree, more oats, blue corn chips, a ton of catfood!, etc.

and onto the spice rack...

lots of spices on top; bottom is mostly non food items, except some vegetable broth, a can of tomatoes, box of thai noodles, and tea

and we musn't forget the bananas!

bananas, a plantain (impulse buy yesterday - haven't had one in a long time!), a pear, garlic, shallot

phew! and now it's time for a snack...

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