Saturday, March 14, 2009

to the j.crew employee who said (and i quote):

it could just be water weight...

what the hell were you thinking?

i basically tried on every pair of jeans in j.crew, and none of them fit, but really, most were BIG not SMALL. and so while this girl who was helping me ran to get another size (and she was very nice, and helpful, for the record), the guy who was manning the fitting rooms told me that it could just be water weight and that the pants might fit differently at different times and that his girlfriend........

whatever! anyway, i've decided j.crew has some serious size inflation.

before j.crew i had gone to express, where i did succeed in buying 2 pairs of editors, to replace the 2 i own in size o. it felt kind of liberating. i struck out with everything else (including every pair of jeans at express and gap... what am i, a freak?), but that's OK... better for my wallet. honestly i shouldn't be buying anything, but i do need a few dress pants for work.

by the time i was done shopping, i was tired and hungry. i had thought about getting a hot chocolate from s'bucks but then decided i would rather relax at home. i knew i had this at home:

Green&Black's Hot Chocolate, Organic, 5.3oz

... and of course i had some soymilk. but i decided 2 things were lacking:
  • marshmallows
i still needed to get a file folder for all my papers, so i ran to harris teeter (supermarket) on my way home, and picked up:

1) cute expandable file, plus a bunch of those $0.50 folders
2) marshmallows
Campfire Marshmallows
3) ginger o's!
Newman's Own - Organics Ginger - O's Creme Filled Ginger Cookies - 16 oz
it felt good to buy these things, because they seem pretty "safe" in my apartment. this would not have been the case a couple of months ago.


alright, now to weed through some papers...

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  1. J. Crew definitely vanity sizes. I have a jacket I got there that is a petite small and fits really well... now, I am short, but I should not be wearing a small! More like a medium, thankyouverymuch. It's dumb. And people should really learn to stfu about other people's bodies... jeez.