Wednesday, March 4, 2009

todays eats... a runthrough

today was just messy, but not really with respect to food.

i ate this piece of granola bar pre-run... but then decided to go back for the other half. so my pre-run snack was a better one than most have been.

at our team breakfast this morning, i had a 1/2 panera apple crunch bagel with cream cheese (and i chose the regular over the light!), piece of the zucchini loaf i brought in, and some fruit salad. i ended up going back for a 2nd 1/2 of a bagel later, this time a french toast one, with honey-walnut cream cheese. i felt a bit guilty for having the second half since i had eaten the zucchini bread too, but i was able to enjoy it.

my pretty loaves, all packed up for work:

for lunch i had packed a wrap. it looked colorful pre-rolled:

whole wheat tortilla with roasted garlic hummus, monterey jack, yellow bell pepper, carrot, and cucumber

... and my wrap job was pretty good too. i used a bit of plastic wrap to make eating easier:

my lunch and afternoon snack packed*:

lunch - the aforementioned wrap, and grapes
snack - graham crackers with pecan butter, *didn't get to the applesauce

i had crochet class to teach tonight. i wasn't really hungry before, so i got a 12 oz. hot chocolate at whole foods next door. i figured that could replace my evening snack and i'd have dinner later.

and now, 9:43 p.m., i'm trying to eat this frozen dinner. i really don't want it and it doesn't taste very good, because i really don't want it. i was trying to think of all the things i could have... cereal, something with peanut butter, oatmeal, a vanilla almond odwalla drink i picked up thinking id rather just drink something. but i decided against the drink in an effort to have something remotely normal.

time to go lie in bed before i decide to do something stupid.

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