Monday, March 23, 2009

crisis averted

as suspected, cat is fine, no pee on anything, and she used her box shortly after i came home. i'm convinced last night was an isolated incident, and i now know better than to startle/kick (kidding!) the cat while she is sleeping.

day 3 of leftover poached salmon pasta salad w/ yogurt & dill. though i love this dish, 3x in a row is a bit much. but with the fresh fish, i didn't really want to keep this in my fridge much longer. so i thought... what would change up this dish?

and all of a sudden i thought of the granny smith apple sitting in my fridge (see, this is why i have no problems using up copious amounts of fruit).

i decided it would taste best peeled and diced. so i dug out my favorite kitchen toy:

apple corer, peeler, and slicer!

i sliced the slices, and voila! new dinner!

since last night's unwanted drama had me up until midnight, i am wiped.


  1. That meal has really been coming in handy! you are so creative!

  2. more like, after eating the same thing twice, i need something different! it's all finished now... no idea what's for dinner tomorrow =).