Saturday, March 14, 2009


i have soooo much clutter in my apt. insurance claims that need to be filed, massive stacks of papers to sort through, clothes to weed through... i've just neglected actually organizing anything for a long time and now i think the time has come. i haven't even begun doing any actual cleaning, besides putting some laundry in the washing machine.

i think i'm going to take a break after lunch and buy some sort of folder system for all the papers... and...

... i think i might go shopping for some PANTS. i am just over 5'1 and small-framed, but i've accepted that i need to throw/give away any size 0 pants that are still in my closet. several pairs of said pants have gone from just fitting to really barely fitting in the past month, and so i do not want them around. i am almost glad i do not fit them (wow, did i just say that?). at this point my weight may still settle to where it wants to stay (meaning, i may gain a few lbs.) but i'm not likely to change much (says c., the nutritionist!). i cannot wait for the day when c. tells me that my weight has been stable (at its healthy wt) for an entire month or more. the idea is still somewhat foreign to me.

i think i've eaten rather INTUITIVELY today. i was hungry, i made lunch, now i'm not hungry. i even feel like there's a meter that is telling me rebecca, you ate just the right amount. satisfied, but not too full. i often don't have those signals, and so, i fear that i've overeaten. but i feel good right now.

i made a wrap with roasted garlic hummus, bell pepper strips, and a lot of tabouli. i <3 cedar's brand tabouli:

i did a good job of wrapping, too! i think because a) i didn't overstuff and b) i kept the peppers in strips, in the same direction as i was rolling (if that makes sense).

plus ~6 oz. blueberry sheep's milk yogurt, with grapes. an experiment/splurge, and fun for a change.

lovely wrapping



  1. mmm good lunch. i made a wrap, too. hooray for TRASHING SIZE 0 PANTS!

    um i'm going to call you in a minute ok baibai

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good job trashing pants that don't fit you anymore. Life is too short!