Tuesday, March 10, 2009

colorful food!

my sister recently cooked up some purple sweet potatoes. i had never even heard of them before and then the next thing i knew they were being sold at my local whole foods. local, too . i didn't get home until 20 minutes ago (and it's 9:23 now), because i went to another yarn meetup group, and so i wasn't about to do any cooking. so i nuked one of the purple guys.

1/2 purple sweet potato, amy's american veggie burger STUFFED into 1/2 a toasted whole wheat pita, with bone suckin' sauce, and broccoli (with more bone suckin' sauce!)

while at work this afternoon, i had 2 samoas. and while at the yarn group (held at s'bucks), i had a tall soy doubleshot on ice (decaf). it is one of my favorite iced drinks there-- a bit milky, a bit sweet, but very espresso-y.

after dinner i immediately wanted something sweet and crisp...

apple with a stash cinnamon honey stick drizzle

i think i succeeded in being nice to myself today. i have a stressful day tomorrow... presentation for c.o.o. was moved up a day so it is tomorrow! i'm hoping it goes well.....

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