Monday, March 23, 2009

tea + chocolate

i had TWO squares of dark chocolate after dinner tonight. actually, what it showed me was that really, i was satisfied with 1. but it's nice to know that i didn't ruin anything by having 2.

after dragging myself to clean up after dinner / put away laundry / set up my coffee for tomorrow, i was craving a tea latte. this is my new favorite drink. probably 3-4 oz. vanilla soymilk, mix teavanna "rooibos chai" and "haute chocolate" (i was shocked by the chocolate too-- it really doesn't taste like chocolate, and the salesperson said they mix it with many of their teas to their customers' surprise), and a heaping tsp rock cane sugar. completely caffeine-free too <-- i think this dude is sleeping?

so my nutritionist asked me to do a little "research" on my mealplans, with a few random samples. tomorrow marks the 20th day of not counting any exchanges... i've just been eating what i feel like. my mealtimes have still been somewhat consistent (usually breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, with an extra morning snack on run days-- and i've settled on this schedule because i think it's what my body wants), but other than that i've been pretty free about what i choose to eat and when i choose to eat it. i was a bit SCARED by this task-- what if i learned that my days weren't consistent and/or that i was eating MORE than my base mealplan? but i'm happy and relieved to report that the 3 days i checked were quite similar in quantity, and they were all right around how much i'm supposed to have. score!

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