Saturday, March 14, 2009

serious bowl

leftover roasted pepper & chicken sausage pasta #3. this time i heated up some frozen broccoli and poured in about 1 cup of this soup:

... and now it tastes like a completely different dinner .

i may do this again tomorrow... so much for creativity. but i'm really bad at using up the 2nd half of those mini-boxed soups. i had never tried the carrot before, and it's good!

i had a lot of past memories come up for me today. first over the whole pants buying experience... just thinking about how much i sacrificed to fit into a smaller size... and then in going through some of the junk in my closet. i stumbled across an old journal of mine from a time when i was extreeeeeeemely disordered. i was so caught up in what i was doing back then that i didn't have any understanding of what was going on... no idea why i was in so much pain to begin with. it made me sad to read. i almost threw it out but then i kind of wanted to save it, as a reminder... i'm always focusing on what i consider failures, but really, i feel like i'm in a place that i haven't been in, perhaps ever, in my recovery. i just have to keep going.

man o man i need me some pjs now. i'm going to call my friend f. tomorrow i am calling my friend now to see if she wants to meet up for lunch. sometimes just calling to make plans is hard. yay, she's up for meeting for brunch .


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