Saturday, March 28, 2009

water ice!

so i really wanted water ice tonight... if you haven't had it, you are missing out! it is like a soft version of italian ice... icy but smooth at the same time. rita's finally made it to the south, and a store opened just 10 minutes away from where i live. i called a friend after dinner to see if she'd want to go for a treat, but it was pouring by the time she called, and neither of us would have wanted to go in the rain.

so i decided to make my own treat. i blended about 1/2 cup passion fruit sorbet with about 1/2 cup frozen cherries (my immersion blender works for EVERYTHING):

+ 1/2 a graham cracker sheet

here is where i tell myself that this was totally fine, and really not all that unhealthy (the sorbet is 110 cals per 1/2 cup for goodness sake) and that my snacks are all fiiiiiine.

my nutritionist scared me slightly with a story of one of her clients who got married and started eating more sweets and gained weight. of course the story had a point-- it was that minor changes here and there AREN'T going to make a difference, and it was only after her client made consistent changes in how much she was eating that she gained weight. but sometimes i wonder if i'm not doing a little of that. was i hungry for this snack? i'm not sure. i was definitely hungry for b/l/d today, but i'm not sure about the snacks. but the problem is, i'm not allowed to trust that my hunger will always be present. i'm guessing that i needed at least one of the snacks, considering the running, but it's the fine tuning that scares me. i've REALLY noticed a difference in how my clothing fits recently, and i want the weight gain to STOP. but unfortunately i can't tell my body where i want my set point to be... it has to figure that out for itself. and the work comes in accepting that.

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